Professional Excavators

The Kansas Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act of 1993 requires that excavators notify underground facility operators at least 2 full business days prior to planned excavation to allow them to come out and mark their facilities. While Kansas 811 DOES NOT physically mark utility lines, we do serve as the communications link between excavators and underground facility owners in the state of Kansas.

The Process is Simple


ITIC is our internet ticketing system. It is also a free service and uses cutting edge software to file your request for a locate online so all you need is an internet connection. The user-friendly interface will collect all of the necessary details of your request and then, with training, you can draw a polygon using our advanced mapping tools to specify your excavation site.

Kansas 811 App
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Excavators and facility operators can use the Kansas 811 app to easily and quickly manage locate requests. Anyone planning to excavate in Kansas can use the app to initiate, manage and monitor a locate request prior to excavation. Facility operators can use the ticket management feature to provide a positive response to excavators. Download the Kansas 811 app and use it to:

  • Submit Locate Requests. Log in to ISITE for access to all of Kansas 811’s online tools such as IMAP, Locator Ticket Management, and ITIC.
  • View the positive response history and an online worksite map through Ticket Search.
  • Find and view previously submitted tickets with Ticket Search.
  • Access a Resource Center with links to various manuals, member forms, and instructional videos. View and share these items with the click of a button.
…Or Call

Getting underground utility lines marked is a free service that is as simple as calling or clicking. Whether you are new to the process or have a particularly complex project, our phone operators are professionally trained to make sure your request has everything the utility company will need to successfully complete your locate request. If you would like to speak with an operator, please call 811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE (1-800-344-7233).

Meet on Site Request

In situations where excavation projects are large and complicated, a meeting with utility locators can simplify an explanation of the project. A Meet on Site request may be filed indicating that you wish to meet with the locator to define the excavation in more detail. This is considered a special request and allows the utilities four workings days to mark the area. You will not be given a start date & time from the Kansas 811 Operator. For a complete list of ticket request types please visit the Request a Locate page.

The Wait

You’ve taken the first step toward safe digging and made a quick call to 811! But wait, what happens next? Your excavation project has been forwarded to the appropriate member utility companies and they will be on their way to mark their underground utility lines at your project.

Call Timeline:
    Date of the call – does not count
    Waiting period for locates, includes weekends
    Date when digging may begin
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu
1 2 ok              
  1 2 ok            
    1 2 ok          
      1     2 ok    
            1 2 ok  
              1 2 ok
              1 2 ok

Whenever possible, it is suggested that the proposed work area be identified with white paint, flags or stakes. This will provide locators with an accurate understanding of the proposed excavation area. When the location of proposed excavation is identified in this manner, the boundaries of the proposed site should be indicated in white to avoid conflict with the colors used to identify existing underground facilities.

In addition to physically marking the route or boundary of the proposed excavation site with white paint, white stakes, or white flags, excavators may now identify their excavation route/boundary by other technology developed for such purposes.

The American Public Works Administration (APWA®) is a non-profit organization of companies, public works agencies, and individuals who created the Uniform Color Code – the universal marking guideline that should be used by all professional underground utility locating companies.


Reporting Problems

If you encounter any problems with your locate request, such as a failure to locate facilities prior to project start date, Kansas 811 and the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) can help. Kansas 811 and the KCC are interested in the excavator’s concerns and will assist in any way possible to resolve problems. Kansas 811 maintains a complete record of all locate requests from excavators and of all dig notices to member operators. In addition, all phone calls regarding locate requests to and from the Call Center are recorded and both are kept for five years. Kansas 811 can be of assistance in providing copies of these records in the case of a dispute. KCC also has personnel to investigate locating problems and may be contacted by calling 1-800-662-0027 to file a complaint.

Excavator Tools


Excavator Ticket Management® (ETM) is an online archive of an excavator’s Kansas 811 locate request tickets. The ETM product allows the excavator to view and manage their historical and current locate request tickets.

Ticket Check

Ticket Check is a web-based tool that allows a facility operator to provide a “positive response” to locate requests from Kansas 811. You can use Ticket Check to respond with status messaging regarding whether the ticket has been marked or cleared. Ticket Check is accessed through iSite, the comprehensive web portal for all Kansas 811 web-based ticket management tools.

Contractor Meetings

Contractor meetings are an opportunity to interact with other excavators and Kansas 811 members to learn more about damage prevention, digging safely in Kansas, raising awareness of new rules and regulations, web site information, FAQ’s on the law from the Kansas web site, Kansas 811 damage investigations, and our internet ticket (ITIC) process.  For more information about this year’s meetings, including specific dates and details, please click here.

Things to Remember:

Each excavator must have their own locate request/ticket. NO PIGGY BACKING off of someone else's filed locate request/ticket.

Any excavation done within 2ft. of a marked facility should only be done by hand digging.

ALWAYS check your dig site for markings and Ticket Check before starting any excavation.

Kansas 811

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811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE (800-344-7233)

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Please Note: Any modification, concerns, or questions regarding a ticket locate must be done by calling 811 or 1-800-DIG-SAFE